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Dog hereditary diseases

Cystinuria type 2A (CYST2A)
Hereditary diseases

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Disease of the urinary system, accompanied by the release of the amino acid cystine into the urine, which often causes the formation of cystine stones in the urinary tract and, as a result, their obstruction. Clinical signs rarely appear in puppies and dogs under one year old. Usually, the disease manifests itself at an older age - 4-5 years. The dog shows anxiety, pain syndrome is expressed, urine is excreted in small portions, often. Blood may appear in the urine. The phenomena of intoxication are increasing, the bladder increases in size due to overflow with urine, which can lead to atony and rupture. In such cases, urgent hospitalization and urgent surgical intervention are required. Dogs with cystinuria need regular monitoring of the urinary system, adherence to diet, and control of the amount of water consumed.
Australian cattle dog
Individual breeds
Hereditary disease of the urinary system, leading to the formation of cystine stones in the urinary tract, causing their obstruction. Usually the disease manifests itself at the age of 4-5 years.