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Dog hereditary diseases

Cystinuria type 2B (CYST2B)
Hereditary diseases

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Cystinuria is a hereditary disease in which the reabsorption of the amino acid cystine is impaired, its excretion in the urine is increased, and cystine stones are formed in the urinary tract. Symptoms of the disease are renal colic caused by stones, retention or complete non-discharge of urine, urinary tract infection and the formation of renal failure are also possible. In laboratory tests, there is a high level of cystine in the urine. Bitches and males get sick equally often. The disease develops at the age of about a year, sometimes a little later - at 2-4 years. Over the course of a dog's life, a specific diet, medication, and regular urine tests are required.
Miniature Pinscher
Individual breeds
Hereditary disease of the urinary system, leading to the formation of cystine stones in the urinary tract, causing their obstruction. Usually the disease manifests itself at the age of 4-5 years.