For the duration of the hostilities, the work of the Representative Office in Ukraine is temporarily suspended!
ZOOGEN is out of politics, we sincerely sympathize with everyone unwittingly drawn into the conflict and wish it a speedy end! Peace to all!

If you cannot contact the Representative Office in Ukraine - call our phones, write to e-mail and social networks! We will definitely answer and help you!

Under any circumstances, the ZOOGEN Company confirms its obligations to carry out studies, as well as for the prepaid coupons sold, regardless of the political situation.

warningOn the territory of the Russian Federation, all payments are made in rubles.

Form for ordering kits for collection and delivery of biological material of animals

To receive the kits, you must fill out the form specifying the data for delivery, the type and number of kits. Please note that for each kit you need to make an advance payment of 2 € , which will later be taken into account when paying for research and deducted from the order amount upon receipt of biomaterials for the ordered kits.

Delivery may take from 3 to 20 days, depending on the remoteness of the region from St. Petersburg, Russian Federation.
Kits are sent within 7 working days from the date of prepayment.

After completing the application, please contact us by e-mail or phone to agree on the cost of sending the sets and delivery service.

Courier delivery is carried out for an additional payment at the rates of the delivery company.

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