For the duration of the hostilities, the work of the Representative Office in Ukraine is temporarily suspended!
ZOOGEN is out of politics, we sincerely sympathize with everyone unwittingly drawn into the conflict and wish it a speedy end! Peace to all!

If you cannot contact the Representative Office in Ukraine - call our phones, write to e-mail and social networks! We will definitely answer and help you!

Under any circumstances, the ZOOGEN Company confirms its obligations to carry out studies, as well as for the prepaid coupons sold, regardless of the political situation.

The ZOOGEN company, being the first in Russia applied genetic laboratory for pets, at for 15 years has been developing the direction of testing dogs and cats for hereditary diseases, morphological and physiological characteristics, genetic identification and establishment of relationship. Team Zoogena was formed by highly qualified personnel with biological, veterinary, zootechnical education, which allows not only to carry out analyzes, but also to expertly advise breeders, and develop scientific directions.

The company constantly conducts and expands research work in cooperation with the Department of Genetics and biotechnology of St. Petersburg State University. On the account of the staff and students of the University and ZOOGENA is more than one new molecular genetic description of the hereditary characteristics of domestic animals.

ZOOGEN has been applying laboratory management and quality control systems GOST ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001: 2015) and GOST ISO 17025-2009 (ISO 17025: 2005). We pay special attention to quality control and careful attitude to all the owners' doubts about the results - we have formed a reliable procedure for processing claims, which allows you to verify the data with maximum efficiency.

ZOOGEN is a member of ISAG - International Society of Animal Genetics, which provides the opportunity carry out independent quality control of the most relevant genetic tests, and especially genetic identification and establishment of relationship.

ZOOGEN is also a member of the international group IPFD (The International Partnership for Dogs) DogWellNet, the main the purpose of which is to systematize data and unite veterinary laboratories of the world in order to exchange information, breed conservation and the best and safest use of genetic data for dogs.

In recent years, we have received fair recognition of our work not only within Russia and the countries of the former USSR, but also in Europe, the Middle East and other regions of the world. We are constantly developing a network of our partners both in Russia and abroad. We are in close cooperation with many felinological and cynological organizations, in which WCF (World Cat Federation) and RKF / FCI (Russian cynological Federation / Federation Cynologique Internationale). We develop partnerships with clubs and federations as dogs and cats.

ZOOGEN - high-tech private company, founded by alumni St. Petersburg State University, which supports scientific programs at the Department of Genetics and biotechnology.

Our mission - development applied and scientific home genetics animals in Russia, popularization of knowledge on genetics.

Our team
Anton Markov, General Director
geneticist, cytogeneticist, St. Petersburg State University
work experience in the field of animal genetics for over 15 years
Elina Bychkova, Executive Director
geneticist, St. Petersburg State University
work experience in the field of animal genetics for over 15 years
Anna Atsapkina, Development Director
geneticist, St. Petersburg State University
work experience in the field of animal genetics for over 15 years

Yulia Golovacheva, head of laboratory
biophysicist, SPbPU
work experience in the field of molecular genetics for over 15 years
Tatiana Chistilina, chief veterinarian
veterinary geneticist, SGSKhA
work experience in the field of veterinary medicine for over 20 years
Elizaveta Filippova
head of development department
embryologist, St. Petersburg State University
work experience in the field of molecular genetics for over 10 years
Varvara Sakhartova
specialist in working with nurseries and clubs
dog handler, St. Petersburg State University
work experience in the field of cynology for over 15 years

Corporate department
Varvara Sher, Alexandra Shpanskaya
Andrey Yora, Katerina Severina, Natalia Sergeeva, Elena Ikkonen
Lyudmila Sangina, Olga Bazhanova, Irina Rubanova, Daria Leontiev
All employees are specialized in
areas veterinary medicine, biology,

Company « ZOOGEN » works in the market of genetic pet testing since 2005 of the year.
We have the most detailed data on the requirements of Russian breeders to genetic testing.
We have developed and more than 120 testing methods have been introduced hereditary diseases and signs pets.
We got international recognition, and the results of «ZOOGEN» accepted by the majority breeders all over the world.
For 10 years old we are improving the genetic system identification that allows breeders clearly establish the kinship of animals in accordance with ISAG standards, and the owners be confident in the truth of the origin of their animals.
We are constantly we participate in the expert work of investigative bodies and courts on genetic analysis crimes involving animals.

Company «ZOOGEN» is constantly developing new genetic tests in close cooperation with breeders and clubs in Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan.
We are working by genetic identification of traits and hereditary diseases with a previously undescribed molecular nature.
In our collective only the best specialists in the field of molecular genetics and biotechnology, general genetics, veterinary medicine, cynology, felinology.
We are constantly conduct taking into account the frequencies and dynamics of mutations in populations of more than 50 breeds.
We have most a large file of DNA in Russia and neighboring countries.
We tested more than 100 thousand animals for more than 100 diseases.
Genetically more than 2 thousand dogs have been identified.
Organized a separate direction in the genetics of domestic animals at the Department of Genetics and Biotechnology, St. Petersburg State University, where students successfully complete the work.

We have developed All-Russian database on genetic diseases and genetic identification of animals.
We use the most modern and productively based genetic testing methods.
We are constantly strive to improve the methods of genetic diagnosis, maintaining the balance of speed and cost. The reliability of the results is always a priority.
Constantly introduce and improve the methods of genetic diagnostics.
We have developed unique LIS specialized for work in the field of veterinary genetics.
We have implemented unique technology of QR-signature of genetic testing results.

We participate in all major exhibitions, we advise and provide the maximum possible support to breeders.
More than 500 nurseries Russia and foreign countries entrust us with genetic testing of their animals.
Many national breed clubs work in close cooperation with us, and, through breeders, conduct an effective breeding work.
Annually by us more than 15 free educational seminars and lectures are held throughout Russia in close interaction with leading feed companies in Russia.
Organized by own educational platform based on the YouTube channel.
We are in constant contact with the world's leading laboratories for genetic testing.
We pay special attention to animal identification when collecting biomaterial.

We are constantly improving quality control.
No appeal the client with doubts about the results is not left without attention.
We participate in the International Society of Animal Genetics (ISAG) international quality control system.
We enter international community The International Partnership for Dogs (IPFD).
We work in in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 17025: 2005 standards.

We have representations in all regions of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia.
Work with us the largest network diagnostic laboratories in Russia.
More than 50 veterinary companies in all major cities of Russia and neighboring countries work with us in the field of genetic testing.
We have developed kits for collecting and sending biomaterial by mail, which allow you to transport biomaterial from anywhere in the world.
Special attention pays for the storage of biomaterial, which allows tests to be carried out on samples taken even 10 years back.
We will be glad to see you among our partners!