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Obtaining and processing of a bird feather sample

With the standardization of the process of taking, storage and transportation, it is possible to to achieve minimal loss of genetic material contained in the feather.
  • Suitable for long-term transportation;
  • Before conducting no special preparation of the bird is required;
Before the procedure:
  • identify the bird, if possible;
  • prepare a completed research referral form;
  • prepare paper envelope for biomaterial (recommended envelope size - C6);
  • on the envelope for biomaterial, sign the name of the animal and the surname of the owner, the number of the ring;
  • Postal envelope;
WARNING Feathers should preferably be pulled out; dropped feathers may not be suitable for research. It is not recommended to use small feathers located under the wing as biomaterial. (filamentous and downy feathers). When sampling biomaterial from several birds, it is necessary to wash hands or change gloves before each new take.
    The procedure for collecting and processing a feather sample:
  1. Select 2-3 medium-sized feathers (cover feathers).
  2. Pull out the selected feathers one at a time.
  3. Make sure that the plucked-out feathers have the tip with which the feather was attached to the skin (the tip should be white, large feathers may have a red tip due to the content of some blood).
  4. Place the feathers in a paper biomaterial envelope at least C6 in size.
  5. Seal the envelope.
FORBIDDEN Tape up envelope with feathers. Wrap feathers in a smaller C6 envelope.
  1. Send the envelope by mail or courier to the address:
    194156, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Zelenogorskaya st. 4, ZOOGEN LLC
    (for courier: phone +7 (812) 994-41-24)
    When sending a letter, sometimes ask to indicate the name of the recipient - Andrey Yora (senior administrator).
    or give it to the employee of the Center for Veterinary Genetics "ZOOGEN"
  2. PAYMENT: When an order arrives at ZOOGEN, it is taken into work immediately, while you will receive an email notification of order registration with a number. You can pay for your order in the section Payment, section by specifying numbers orders and amount.